Cable TV

The Macomb Cable Network (MCN) is a share service of the City of Mount Clemens and the Mount Clemens Community Schools. MCN is host and operator of the Government, Education and Public Access Channels (PEG). Click below to view our Government Channel programming highlights.

Currently, there are 3 cable television service providers: AT&T Uverse, Comcast (Xfinity) and WOW! To order cable television and/or internet service:

Comcast Xfinity Customer Service 800-266-2278

WOW (Wide Open West) Customer Service 866-496-9669

AT&T/U-Verse  Customer Service 800-288-2020

If you have questions about your cable TV service or monthly bill, contact your provider (see phone numbers above). The City does not handle cable customer billing issues. 


Government Access

Content on the Government Access channel is provided by a variety of sources. Programming must be provided free of charge and cannot contain pre-paid advertisements or promote for-profit ventures. Programs are delivered via Castus.

The Government Access channel is designated as:

  • AT&T U-Verse Channel 99
  • Comcast Channel 5
  • WOW Channel 10


Educational Access

Content on the Educational Access channel is the creation of, and property of, the Mount Clemens Community School District. 

Programs are delivered via Castus.

The Educational Access channel is designated as:

  • Comcast Channel 20
  • WOW Channel 15


Public Access

Programming on the Public Access Channel are delivered via Castus.

The Public Access channel is designated as:

  • Comcast Channel 22
  • WOW Channel 18


Please review our Policies and Procedures concerning our operation and programming of these channels below.