We Welcome Pets in Mount Clemens!

Please note that households may have a total of four (4) cats or dogs, or a combination of cats and dogs that totals four. All cats and dogs must wear license tags when outside a building or residence, or otherwise outdoors. All cats and dogs must be kept under restraint (leashed) and are not permitted to be at large. They MUST be licensed, even if they never leave the home.


Dog/Cat Licenses
All cats and dogs must be licensed by January 1 of each year. Purchase annual animal licenses for 2024 in the Treasurer’s Office. New animal licenses are valid for one year and will expire 01/01/2025. All renewals must be made during the months of January and February or will be subject to a penalty charge. Bring Veterinarian signed rabies certificate when applying.

Fees are: $8.00 You may download your pet license application HERE.


Benhke Dog Park

Mount Clemens features a park for dogs! Located at 300 N. Groesbeck Hwy. within Memorial Park, this is a one-acre park designed for dog owners to let their non-aggressive pets have some off-leash playtime. The park features a people/pet drinking fountain, bio-bag disposal and cleanup stations, faux fire hydrant, trees, benches, and a tire obstacle course.


Lost Dogs/Cats

The City of Mount Clemens takes all stray animals to the Macomb County Animal Shelter. You may contact them at 586/469-5115. If an animal is licensed and wearing tags, the pet owner will be notified that the pet has been found.