Snow Plowing

This winter during snowstorms, please park your vehicles at an off-street location. Parking in a driveway or parking lot will be greatly appreciated. On-street parking can resume after the City has plowed the streets. Also be advised, in the downtown location, all parking meters are labeled “No Parking 2 a.m. – 7 a.m.”. If you are parked there between these hours during a snowstorm, your vehicle could possibly get towed.

During the winter months, please help us keep our City streets clear of snow by not shoveling or blowing snow onto the streets.

Be sure to use caution when driving in inclement weather. Salt does not react immediately under certain conditions. The lower the temperature, the longer it takes for salt to react. Also, please be friendly to the snowplow drivers and salt truck drivers. They are there trying to make the streets safe for all motorists.

Please keep in mind the Street Department will be clearing all major streets first during a snow storm. We will, however, plow the side streets as quickly as possible once the major streets are clear.