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Election Inspectors

 Election inspectors are what election inspectors, or poll workers, are called in Michigan. Election inspectors are hired, paid and trained local government workers who assist with running local elections. Michigan has 83 counties, 274 cities, and 1,242 townships. During an election, each of these units of government requires a staff of paid workers, known as election inspectors, to assist voters and help process ballots.



Election inspectors in Michigan are charged with running local elections in compliance with Michigan election law. Election inspectors at a polling place may have different responsibilities, including greeting and checking-in voters, issuing ballots to voters, or assisting voters with tabulating their ballots. Individuals may also be hired to assist with the processing of mailed ballots on Election Day.


 Any Questions?

Visit State of Michigan Democracy MVP to get information.  Also, your City Clerk's office is open the Saturday prior to an election from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  You can also contact them at 586.469.6800, option 4 or via e-mail at cmartin@mountclemens.gov.