Beautification Commission

Study and develop plans for the beautification of streets, alleys, yards, lots, etc.; study and develop plans for improving the health, satiation, safety and cleanliness of the City; encourage and recommend the placing and planting of trees, flowers, etc.; study and evaluate information of community improvements and to make recommendations; sponsor, plan, promote and carry out campaign activities for the restoration, preservation and enhancement of the beauty of the City.  

Meets the First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.


Kathleen Shafer 6/30/2025
Tricia Stehle 6/30/2025
Junia Querio 6/30/2027
Lisabeth Taylor 6/30/2024
Linda Curatolo 6/30/2026
Sherri Gavie 6/30/2026
Stephen Belcher 6/30/2027
Jennifer Gale 6/30/2027
Jeff Wood City Liaison