Reservations, Scheduling and Cancellations

To Schedule a Pick-up:
Call Mount Clemens Dial-a-Ride at 469-7433 (469-RIDE), tell the dispatcher your pick up point and your drop off point. Pick ups are scheduled as soon as possible. Passengers must be ready to board at the time they call. Thirty minutes is the standard wait time for pick-up. Wait time may be as long as one hour or more, depending on demand. (Note: Dial-A-Ride is busiest the first two weeks of the month)

Weekday advance reservation (at least 1-1/2 hour) for appointments is required.

Dial-a-Ride has a 30 minute "window" when picking up passengers. This means passengers may be picked up 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after their reservation times.  Please be ready at the earliest time.

"Advanced reservations" are accepted for scheduled appointments and work only and must be renewed weekly. Missing an Advanced reservation more than once will then require a daily renewal.

No Shows:

  • Drivers will pull up to the designated pick-up point and sound horn.
  • Drivers will wait one minute (two minutes for seniors or handicappers) at designated pick-up point for passenger acknowledgement.
  • Drivers will wait one additional minute for boarding.

After this amount of time, with no response, passenger is called a "No-Show". The dispatcher will instruct driver to proceed and record the time.

Those passengers who do not cancel or are no-shows are required to pay an extra $1.00 for the missed pickup before riding again.  Frequent no-shows will be subject to review for suspension of riding privileges for 30 days with additional no-show activity possibly resulting in a permanent suspension.