Policy on Sewer Back-ups (Public Act 222)

What should I do when my sewer is backing up?
Call the Utilities Department at one of the following numbers:

  • Main Office - 7:00am to 3:00pm Weekdays
    (586) 469-6889 Ext. 502
  • After Hours and Holidays Emergency Number
    Sheriff (586) 469-5151

A representative of the Utilities Department will respond as soon as possible by visiting the site to determine if the problem is the responsibility of the City or the user. After business hours, the Utilities Department has an on-call duty man to maintain 24-hour coverage with no service fee.  All utilities department employees carry a picture identification.

Whose Sewer is it?
The Utilities Department cleans and maintains the main line sanitary sewers generally located in the center of the street. The building owner is responsible for keeping the building service sewer clear between the building and the main sewer. However, the Utilities Department may attempt to clean a blockage in the building service sewer if there is an available six inch clean out at the curb.

Who do I call To Clean My Building Service Sewer?
If conditions allow, call three drain cleaner specialists to compare prices. Ask each what the minimum cost is? How many feet of cleaning does this include? How much for each additional foot? Do they offer a warranty? If so, how long and what does it include? If one bid is extremely low you may wish to ask for references, call the Better Business Bureau etc. Once they open up the drain ask them to clean it with the largest cleaning tool they can safely use.

What Should I do If They Can Not Clean My Sanitary Sewer Lead Because a Broken Pipe Has To Be Replaced?
It is suggested that you hire a drain contractor with equipment to insert a closed circuit television camera into the sanitary house lead to locate and view the obstruction. It is much cheaper to locate and view the problem and possibly clean your sewer before it is excavated for repairs. Drain cleaning contractors with this type of equipment are listed in the phone book. If it is confirmed that your sanitary sewer lateral needs to be replaced be advised any contractor hired must be registered with the Community Development in the City of Mount Clemens. Not all drain cleaning contractors are registered to repair and/or install sanitary sewer laterals. Registered contractors must meet certain standards, have proper insurances and post a bond covering their work. Calling three contractors for price estimates is also suggested if time allows.

My Basement Flooded What Should I Do?
During and following flooding, contact utility companies for information and advice on precautions and safety measures. Do not handle connected electrical cords or appliances if the current is still on. Do not light a flame in an enclosed area containing gas fired or oil fired appliances. If electricity is connected to an appliance which has had the motor controls submerged, do not attempt to start it until you have consulted a qualified service company.

Public Act 222
In compliance with Public Act 222, if you experience an overflow or backup of the sewage disposal system, you must file a written claim with the City of Mount Clemens within 45 days after the overflow or back-up was discovered. Failure to provide the required notice will prevent recovery of damages.

To receive a Notice of Claim form, please contact the City of Mount Clemens Utilities Department at (586) 469-6889 Ext. 502 or by mail at Mount Clemens Utilities Department, 1750 Clara, Mount Clemens, MI 48043.