Fire Department

"The Mission of the Mount Clemens Fire Department is to protect life, preserve property, and safeguard the  community and environment from fire and other crises: man-made or natural.  We achieve this by rigorously maintaining a high state of preparedness, prompt response, and dedicating ourselves to excellence in the performance of our duties."  
Today our services and responsibilities include:
Fire suppression
Hazmat mitigation
Fire inspection
Arson investigation
Fire safety education
Emergency medical services
Fire Plan Review Submittal:
Please be advised that all fire protection system plans must be submitted to one of our approved third-party reviewers. You may choose from one of the following:
Once plans (two sets) have been approved by the third-party reviewer, you will send them to the fire department for final approval by the Fire Marshal. At that time, the Fire Marshal will sign off on the plans, providing one set back to the applicant and one set forwarded to the building department. It is at this time you may apply for your permit with the building department.