Organizational Mission

Enhancing community through effective and equitable public services.  


Organizational Core Values
• Progressive: Moving forward, building community
• Responsive: Service oriented elected and appointed officials
• Inclusive: Welcoming and respectful of all
• Dynamic: Positive, energetic, and always willing to engage
• Ethical:  Doing what is right in the best interest of the entire community 
Mount Clemens Embraces its Diverse Community with "Pride"
• Use community services equitably across the entire community.
• Adopt a city policy and statement for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).
• All staff, Commissioners and select contractors to receive DEI training. 
Building Bridges: Enhancing Engagement and Collaboration Throughout Macomb County
• Continue to build relational connections throughout the community, county and region through strategic and multifaceted communication and engagement efforts using the brand guide as a reference. 
•Review the mission and purpose of the city's boards and commissions.  Evaluate which ones need to exist by statute and which are no longer relevant. 
Capital Improvements Heavily Impact Quality of Life and Must be Effectively
and Strategically Addressed 
• Emphasize educating the public on our current capital improvement efforts by developing a plan of action on how to effectively communicate construction projects to businesses and residents.
• Develop a feasible, actionable and sustainable funding strategy for the city's CIP needs, built on community input, fiscal realities,and affordability that can be incorporated into the 2023/2024 Fiscal Year Budget.
• Focus on major streets, local streets and downtown parking. 
• Review the costs and benefits relating to the Water Treatment Plant focusing closely on customer affordability.  Finalize a path forward by working with city staff, the city contracted engineering firm, EGLE and GLWA staff.
• Investigate opportunities to continue to enhance the city's capital improvement planning process.  Consider tools that streamline the process.  
A Safe and Clean Community is an Expectation for All Residents, Businesses and Visitors
Expand the Administrative Hearings Bureau to include rental properties, property maintenance, building and fire code violations.
• Have the Macomb County Sheriff provide an in-person report to the commission annually. 
• Reach out to local churches and civic groups to attain resources to help property owners with blight control.
• Assemble a property maintenance code enforcement strategy, built on data, prioritizing properties with common ownership (ex. landlords with multiple rental properties), those with high visibility along residential and commercial corridors, and where health and safety issues are of highly critical concern.
• Hold the Housing Authority to the same level of accountability as other property owners in the City.  However, investigate strategies to encourage and support Housing Authority residents willing to participate in the enhancement of Authority's properties. 
• Walkability is a priority for our community and neighborhoods.  Continue the city's sidewalk program to improve walkability while identifying financial strategies to accelerate ADA ramp and pedestrian crossing improvements. 
Economic Development is an All-Hands Initiative to Bolster Mount Clemens' Uptown Vision Recognizing the Impacts All Goals Have on Economic Development
• Study the potential impact (economic, housing demands, infrastructure needs, parking etc.) on an increased population downtown.
• Annually review the MEDC's Redevelopment Ready Community (RRC) Certification.
• Continue low-cost evaluation and visioning efforts relating to the city's riverfront property.  Apply for a SEMCOG planning grant as part of this effort. 
• Communicate to the public, residents and business owners about the current events and projects happening within the city.  Celebrate our successes by notifying the public using the city website, social media, and press releases. 
Recreation for All City Residents Will Be Enhanced as Resources Allow and Collaborations are Forged
• Organize exploratory discussions with neighboring communities and Macomb County regarding interest in a recreation authority and/or countywide parks and recreation program.
• Conduct a feasibility study of all facilities and grounds related to recreation with a recommended action plan for service delivery to include consolidation options.
• Work with local entities to add recreation opportunities through partnerships with agencies such as (but not limited to) The Anton Art Center, Breaking Barriers to Play, Mount Clemens Public Library, all Mount Clemens area schools, churches, MSU Extension Center and the YMCA.
• Creatively and persistently seek financial resources through staff and crowdsourced initiatives to organically grow recreational opportunities. 
• Partner with third-party entities and organized neighborhood groups to bring in low-cost recreation opportunities and to activate underutilized parks and facilities.  Ensure steps are taken to protect potential city liability concerns. 
• Develop a plan to maintain and enhance the kayak launch at McArthur Park.