Streets Department

The Street Department has an extensive Forestry program. This includes tree trimming, removing beehives from trees, and removal of diseased, dead, or dying trees within the City’s right-of-way. We also coordinate tree plantings and maintenance, including watering, mulching, and fertilizing, of downtown area trees.

Tree Concerns & Complaints
Residents with specific complaints or concerns regarding a street tree growing in the City’s right-of-way may request that a tree be evaluated. Evaluations are conducted by the Street Department at no cost to the resident. If you would like a tree evaluated, please call the Street Department at 586-469-6847.

Tree Planting
The City of Mount Clemens contracts periodical tree plantings to replace trees that have been removed from the City’s right-of-way. If you would like to request that a tree be planted in front of your home between the curb and the sidewalk, please call the Street Department at 586-469-6847.

Tree Permits
Residents may also plant a tree in the right-of-way. For more information, follow the link below or call the Street Department for more information. Tree Permit Form