Trash Collection

Residential Trash Collection in the City of Mount Clemens is provided by Priority Waste.

Refuse/Trash can be placed at the curb for collection by 7:00 a.m. of the scheduled collection day.  Under no circumstance is any type of refuse to be placed at the curb before 6:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled collection day.  Household garbage and rubbish must be placed at the curb in plastic bags with a minimum thickness of 2-ply, 1.5 mils, and a maximum capacity of 30 gallons, and must not weigh more than 50 lbs. when full.  Plastic bags may be placed at the curb in a rubbish can NO LARGER than 32 gallons and no more than 50 lbs. per container.  Loose trash in a can will not be picked up by the contractor; trash must be in a plastic bag.

Please remove all containers from the curb before the end of the day, on your garbage day, after they are emptied.  If you wish to dispose of an old, unwanted, and empty can, you may either inform the sanitation contractor or call the Department of Public Services at 469-6847 and make arrangements for pickup.

Construction materials such as boards, paneling, drywall, fencing, carpeting, etc., must either be placed in plastic construction bags or bundled and tied in 4-feet lengths before they can be picked up. Please make sure nails are removed or pounded down into the wood. Bundles must not weigh more than 50 lbs. each. The glass in windows and doors must be broken out of the frame and the glass must be placed in a cardboard box or wrapped several times in newspaper, taped, and then labeled "GLASS". After you have secured the frame from sharp edges, you may place it out with your regular garbage.

Bulk items such as furniture, washers, dryers, hot water tanks, refrigerators (please remove doors), etc., can be picked up on your regular pickup day.  All mattresses and box springs MUST be sealed in plastic. These items must be placed between the curb and the sidewalk the night before or early in the morning of your regular pickup day. Please contact the Department of Public Services at 586-469-6847 if you have any questions or need further assistance.

Paint cans are not accepted unless the paint is dried and/or solid. You may do this by taking the lids off and letting them dry out for a few days or by mixing cat litter or sand in the can until it is in a solid form. Once they are solidified, you may place them in a box with the lids off so the contractor can see that the paint is solid. Please make sure the box is no more than 50 pounds and is strong enough to hold the contents of the paint cans.

Car parts cannot be picked up by the contractor at this time.  Please make other arrangements for proper disposal.

Hazardous waste cannot be picked up for collection. Items such as motor oil, antifreeze, brake and transmission fluids, caustic chemicals (oven and drain cleaners), acids (toilet bowl cleaners, ammonia, etc.), pesticides, old medicines, pool chemicals, etc., are classified as hazardous waste materials. These items can be disposed of through the Macomb County Health Department. For further information call 586-466-7923, then press 5 (the option for Household Hazardous Waste).

Beverage containers that have a deposit cannot be placed out for collection with regular household refuse. Please return your cans and bottles to your local store for a refund or place them in your recycling bin for pickup.

Concrete and concrete products cannot be picked up for collection. If poles are set out with concrete attached to them, they will not be picked up. You may be able to dispose of these types of items at a landfill. The nearest landfill to Mount Clemens is Pinetree Acres. For more information, call 586-749-9698.

There are six holidays that occur during the year when the sanitation contractor will not work. The six holidays are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Please see the City’s cable channel or log onto our website for the collection schedule during these holiday weeks.